Client Testimonial: Mattice

When we started the process of deciding on a home builder, we met with and interviewed several custom builders. Our initial impression from these meetings was that we’d get a lot more “bang for our buck” by building with Viewegh & Associates. As we progressed further, we visited several Viewegh-built homes and talked to those homeowners about their experience. They were unanimous in their accolades for Joe Viewegh and his team. Ultimately, what stood out about Joe was his integrity, the excellent craftsmanship in his homes, and his commitment to total customer satisfaction – all at a fair and reasonable price.

Our experience during the design and construction processes did nothing to change our initial opinion.  In fact, Viewegh & Associates met or exceeded our expectations at every turn.  They spearheaded a home design that met our needs, fulfilled our desires, and hit our budget.  Their process and subcontractors made it easy to stay within that budget through construction.  The few change orders that we asked for were easily accommodated and reasonably priced.  In fact, Joe made a few small, low cost recommendations for changes that really enhanced the “WOW” factor of our home.  We found it very reassuring that all of their subcontractors were highly complimentary of the Viewegh team and their homes.  Joe was personally on the job site every day and took time to point out the details (both small and large) that contributed to a better house.  And he was ALWAYS accessible to answer questions, respond to concerns, and provide explanations.  As our home was being built, we frequently compared it to other custom homes going up around ours.  Regardless of where we were in the process – foundation, framing, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, cabinetry, carpentry, trimwork, flooring, inside/outside finishing, painting, etc – there was no comparison.  We were getting a superior product in every way.

We just celebrated 6 months in our house and are as ecstatic now as the day we moved in.  Every day, at least once per day, we tell each other how much we love our new home.  We are so thankful to Joe Viewegh and his team for the experience and for the way our home turned out.  We could not be any happier!

Brooks & Jennie Mattice

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